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of dry flowers with one 315w bulb in soil with these and top shelf quality. However, if you were looking to use your MH bulbs on these ballast it would cause damages to the bulbs because the wattage is much more stronger on the electronic ballast as to the dimming ballast. The dynamics of the tube allows for heat reduction without impacting upon the lifespan of the lamp, resulting in a lower grow temperature which contributes to an increased plant yield. What are the ballast specs on a Ceramic Metal Halide? We would love to help you out with that! $149.95, To: ALSO, I have the 315 in a 3'x3' grow tent. Be the first to review this product. Electronic ballast: Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yield Lab 315w 3100K Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Light kit Replacement Bulb at the best online prices at … One major difference is how, The HPS grow bulbs are very focused on the near red spectrums which is great if you’re only utilizing HPS bulbs for flowering. $248.99, From: $176.95, From: Lamps are available in 3K and 4K colours. The secret is engineering our own lamp, e-ballast, reflector and Super Spreader to work together as a complete lighting system (rather than forcing growers to mix and match components from various manufacturers). You can pull a lb. Paypal Credit Provides interest-free financing on your order. However, the harvest you'll get with CMH's will be much better than anything fluorescent bulbs will grow. (Super reflective TRV-3 PVD-aluminium 97% reflective, including Magnesium Fluoride layer instead of Silica Dioxide layer for much enhanced UV reflection). A grade above all other bulb options on the market, our CMH light is better absorbed by plants for accelerated growth, a fuller canopy, and more flowering sites. Description Latest Technology for HID lighting. They also run XOS borosilicate single skin jackets for enhanced harmonic stability, cooler operation and extended life. Calls after hours will be sent to our after-hours voicemail for call back next business day. If you don't top them much, or not at all, you can get some nice single or double cola's that you'd be proud of. 05-27-2018, 06:09 AM. Get ready for industry-leading performance and efficiency from our new Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting systems! Wow! Some suppliers claim one 315W CMH is equivalent to one 1,000W HPS lamp in terms of yields. 315w cmh 4x4 yield. The e-ballast has an option to be remotely controlled with a Lumatek digital control panel (sold separately) and is … 2.5m Input Power Cord Adjust-A-Wings and Super-Spreader products are produced by Hygro International Pty Limited in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Keep ROCKING! The light closely matches that of natural sunlight meaning it is safe for the crops. Plants may double in size after the switch, so be careful not to wait too long! I dare say that yes you will probably get a bigger yield than you are currently getting - especially because with 4 CMH units you'd have a much much better spread of light than with 3 600s The SE-CMH lighting kit comes with a lightweight, small DEfender reflector, unique 315W 4K lamp with E40 mogul base and specialist Ultra High Frequency (150KHz) e-ballast (remotely mounted). Perfect on Lumatek came up with this reliable intelligent digital ballast that has been successfully used in cultivation facilities around the word. While 400w MH and HPS lights can be around 12" away from a plant without burning it, CMH's pump out much more heat by design, which means they'll need to be hung a little further away. Glad to see you made the switch over to a few 315w CMH grow light kits! All ballasts and lamps are factory run-in so no “100-hour burn in time” is required. $789.93, To: Great read here, learning more and more on whats best for my grow is a great thing. PAR maintenance (working life) of lamps is extended thanks to custom-made Japanese arc tube and cooler running temperatures (18 – 24 months). Switching back to the 3100k's will be necessary, but keep in mind your plant may need a day or two to readjust to their lighting. The Hellions run cooler than any other comparable DE system and maintain cooler and more consistent plant temperatures for better health, and growth rates leading to more homogenous maturity, higher quality and bigger yields. LUMATEK 315W CMH CONTROLLABLE BALLAST + E40 Adaptor. DAYLIGHT is proud to plant its stake in the ground by introducing the best performing 315W CMH lamps to the hydroponic market, tuned specifically to work with DAYLIGHT Power Packs. What’s in the box? Some suppliers claim one 315W CMH grow lights is equivalent to one 1,000W HPS lamp in terms of yields. Essentially, grams per watt to grams per watt you got 150% of the HPS yield per watt, by using CMH instead of HPS. 630W CMH KIT . These bulbs are not MH or even like other CMH bulbs. We designed the Hellion 315W SE-CMH lamps and the e-ballast to work together for optimal performance. The result is a much more powerful and intense light on your plants, without the heat issues. $149.99, Special Price The 315W LEC grow light (a brand name version of the “Ceramic Metal Halide”) is relatively new to the growing scene and is a popular alternative to HID lighting. Hellion Lighting Kits by Adjust-A-Wings deliver more PAR output than any other 600 – 750W DE-HPS, 630W DE-CMH or 315W SE-CMH. The ILUMINAR CMH horticultural light is engineered to be the closest alternative to natural sunlight. $129.95, Regular Price: Right off the bat, once you turn on a CMH bulb at either, An added bonus to the quality spectrum is their. Another thing to consider is that CMH's run a lot hotter than fluorescent bulbs do, so you'll need extra ventilation and cooling in order to run these lights safely. That's an increase of, Looking at these wavelength graphs, you’ll notice a few impressive features that the CMH emit vs the HPS grow bulbs. Not a hope in hell. The yield was 5%-10% better. How many 315 lights LEC/CDL does it take to equal a 1000 Watt HPS - Duration: 0:50. Havnt built the room yet, but the dye is cast and i have 4 630cmh lights sitting in my living room. $323.06, From: Also, growers with high ceilings my benefit from growing in a multi-tier (multi-layer) arrangement which is not possible with other DE HID systems. Small DEfender Adjust-A-Wings Reflector Full spectrum lighting; Uses less electric to produce more light; Extremely high PAR values; Noticeably better quality end results ; Red 3k 930 and a blue 4k 942 available; 1-year manufacturers guarantee; Description specifications reviews . Make sure the amount of light you have is enough to completely light your canopy, and consider purchasing another grow light in case you need more intense light in there. Benefits to the energy cost or benefits to the flowering stage/plants?? Im going with a 630 duel bulb LEC with a mixed K spectrum for 1st half of flower and switching to duel 3k bulbs for 2nd half. What’s in the box? Best Grow Light 12,557 views Aurora 315W CMH (All-In-One) The Aurora is a state of the art 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/CDM/LEC) grow light fixture.This is an integrated all-in-one fixture combining a Lumatek controllable electronic ballast, compact hammertone reflector and 315W CMH lamp.. $403.19, Special Price Two 315w cmh or one 630w cmh? 3 years Hello Curtis, Get instantly approved. Our 4K 315W SE-CMH lamp has more deep red than any other 4K lamp to drive yield as well as enhanced flavours and terpene profiles. I plan on using two cmh for a total of 630w for the lastmonth. Adjust-A-Wings E40 Lamp Holder (Adjustable) with 4m Power Cord When a larger yield is the desired outcome, the ILUMINAR CMH gives you the competitive edge. The varying reports probably have to do with other elements in the garden and the gardener’s skill level. Excludes tax fees, which are calculated at checkout in any. Please enter your number and click "Call Me" button. This combination will give your plants everything they need so they grow fast and produce high-quality, potent buds. Home » Uncategorized » 315w cmh 4x4 yield . Performance variation is consistently < 1%. red) it needs to bloom flowers. best part is i … What happens if I change to the 3,100 when going from VEG to FLOWERING each time? 3 years Click the "Call Me" button to talk to a customer service associate. Also if I use your yield differences the needed light per square foot of 38 watts per square foot for HPS (commonly used in the USA) changes to 23.8564 watts per square foot. Our 4K 315W SE-CMH lamp has more deep red than any other 4K lamp to drive yield as well as enhanced flavours and terpene profiles. Crops need a good spread of lighting for them to grow healthy and yield much. The 4Ks (additional blue) are ideal for all stages of plant growth and can be used to enhance the spectrum of HPS or DE-HPS throughout flowering. What brand fixture did you go with?a lot of mixed reviews trying to make up my mind. This stimulates photosynthesis, production and crop quality on a whole new level! I have both the 3,100 bulb and the 4,200 bulb. BENEFITS: - HIGH INTENSITY - FULL SPECTRUM - ENERGY EFFICIENT - LOW OPERATING TEMPERATURE - INCREASED LIFE SPAN Ceramic Metal Halides (CMH) are one of the latest innovations in grow light technology. With more equipment comes more energy use, so while each CMH bulb pulls around 3 amps per light, you'll also need to consider the draw more duct fans will pull. Ok so with that lighting you have in there currently you're illuminating about 495 umol/s -1m2, with 4 x 315w CMH you'd be running 598.5 umol/s -1m2. Hellion 315W SE-CMH 4K Lamp with E40 Mogul Base All our Yield Lab Fixtures are great for any type of grow backed with the awesome warranty. Combining our DE-HPS and SE-CMH / DE-CMH systems in the same lighting plan, growers can create “deep spectral mixing” — combing the complementary spectrums of DE-HPS and CMH at high radiant intensity. (Springy & super tuff H18 aluminium powder coated with 92% reflective titanium white), Reflector (Spine + Super spreader): The biggest benefit in my opinion was less cooling we needed to use with the CMH. Quick find: Optilux_315w_CMH. CMH lights will cost more when purchasing but will save you in the long run. Proximity is everything when lighting plants indoors, otherwise incident light intensity is weak and diffuse, incapable of driving growth and bloom beyond the canopy. Most CMH growers will either use 3100k's for the entire grow cycle, or use 4200k's during the vegging stage and then switch to 3100k CMH bulbs when it's time to flower. The CMH grow light raised the temperature to 86 Degrees. Our 4K 315W SE-CMH lamp has more deep red than any other 4K lamp to drive yield as well as enhanced flavours and terpene profiles. The inside of our testing facility raised to 77 degrees. The starting temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Could be an option.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castDedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. Can you get a pound from a 315w CMH? Next Post →. DAYLIGHT 315W 3K & 4K CMH Lamps. The 315W SE CMHs are fitted with industry standard E40 mogul bases for versatility and improved reliability. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Additionally, growers can benefit from higher output, improved efficiency and longer lamp life. Omega Lighting’s precision engineered lamps provide an optically superior product. Thank you. Engineering these essential lighting system components together is key to achieving our industry-leading output, efficiency and lamp lifespan. It would be nice to know the specs of a CMH ballast and compare.. Adjust-A-Wings reflectors last three to five times longer than small, deep-dish style reflectors. Bulb Specifications: Ceramic Discharge Metal halide (CDM) also marketed as Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) and Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC). Otherwise, it seems like you always realize you missed something at the last minute! Financing is based on the advertised purchase price at 0% APR, paid over 6 months. Kommersiellt innehåll | Kun for nye kunder | 18+

We love pictures of your plants & harvest, discussing growing methods, and helping with grow problems.Press J to jump to the feed. However, it’s Adjust-A-Wings’ unique capability of getting “up close and personal” that truly sets it apart from the pack, delivering unparalleled intensity and canopy penetration without causing heat stress. 3 years The Hellion is ideal for quality + production focused growers cultivating under standard-height ceilings. Now, by replacing your fluorescent lights with ceramic metal halide lights you've actually gone down in wattage significantly, to the tune of around 2000w's. So the increase in the HPS was a total of, ran the LED the starting temp was 72 degrees, and after the temp was raised to 82 degrees. The next harvest yielded 20.7 lbs, which e quates to 1.23 grams per watt or 2.74lbs per 1000 watts. The PVD-aluminium Super Spreader + Spine (insert above the lamp) coupled with the DEfender titanium-coated reflector work perfectly in concert to spread the intense output from the DE lamps evenly and accurately to promote strong, vigorous and uniform plant development. You know ppl spend alot of money of reads like this and i am glad that this a free source with excellent tips. COVID-19 NOTICE: Due to restrictions related to Covid-19, we are currently not offering phone support at this time. This entry was posted on March 27, 2018 by Devin Martinez. We have talked extensively about traditional HID grow lights and. Ceramic Metal Halide or “CMH” lamps provide a wider spectrum and more UV light compared to other grow lights. Ensure it's secure in to the CMH fixture, and you're ready to grow; If you're interested in taking your grow to the next level, or you're already using CMH's and simply need another bulb, the Yield Lab 315w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Light Bulb will give you the quality you want and the coverage your plants need. In stock. But the. Averaging 4.6 ounces per plant. So in total, the CMH raised the temp by, The tent temp raised to 96 degrees. 315W CMH KIT . According to marketing blurb, 315w CMH lights are meant to be equivalent to a 600w HPS. All the components (reflector, lamp, e-ballast and Super Spreader) have been designed from the ground up to work as a complete, unified lighting system. We hung several lights at the top and placed a thermometer right in the middle of the tent. I think it will, also. If you’re growing a plant or two and you’re tired of always switching from MH to HPS bulbs when it’s time to flower, the Yield Lab 315w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Light Bulb is the light you’ve been looking for. 315W is equivalent to a 600W standard HID grow light when it comes to spread. The Adjust-A-Wings DEfender reflector uses composite, highly reflective materials (PVD aluminium and a high-tech Titanium Oxide reflector coating) to provide a super-accurate and uniform lighting footprint. Thanks for a great article i really enjoyed it! Others have reported that you need two 315W CMH lamps to produce the same yields as a 1,000W HPS. 2x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System, 4x4ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System, S540 Advance Spectrum MAX LED Grow Light Panel, Yield Lab 400W HPS+MH Wing Reflector Grow Light Kit, Yield Lab 48” x 24” x 60” Reflective Grow Tent, Yield Lab Fabric 5 Gallon Growing Pots- 5 Pack, 50 Inch x 100 Feet Standard Reflective Mylar 2 mil, Yield Lab 6 Inch 440 CFM Charcoal Filter and Duct Fan Combo Kit, Yield Lab 20.75 x 10 inch Seed and Clone Heat Mat, Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package, Bubble Magic 5''x5'' Manual Rosin Heat Press 100psi, Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Bucket XL Super-Flow - (Digital Controller)- 60 Gallon Reservoir, 315 watt ceramic metal halide bulb systems. With the CMH it seemed superior in every way to except light intensity and doing the 630s solves that. Includes a 10x10ft 6.5ft tall grow tent with metal corners and metal frame, Your choice of Above PAR brand LEDs with UV & IR, 2 8” 400 CFM Duct Fans with adjustable speed control & 2 8 Provide your basic information. CMH lights will cost more when purchasing but will save you in the long run. 3000K CMH LAMP. Our new CMH lighting systems (315W SE-CMH and 630W DE-CMH) deliver an improved, continuous spectrum compared with first generation CMH lamps. ← Previous Post The light generates less heat than MIH and HPS lights. Others have reported that you need two 315W CMH lamps to produce the same yields as a 1,000W HPS. We have different type of fixtures in the 400w we also have them in the 600w as well as the 1000w. Reactions: Dopesmoka, Top notch, Farmer.J and 10 others. The result is an extremely efficient grow light with extended lamp life, lower power consumption, higher output and high spectral integrity across all key wattage settings. #1 Ok like the topic says many tend to think that 315 CMH or the CDM grow lights are producers for instance they state that the 315 watt CMH yields same as 600 watt HPS Alright CMH growers with all bull shit set aside what are the numbers coming in at is it blowing 600's out of the water 315W DIMMABLE BALLAST. All of these are in fact the same technology. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This is an affordable, reliable no nonsense package that can easily cover a 0.8M x 1.2M canopy to power explosive and expressive full term growth or 1.2M x 1.2M vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth. We hope you make your decision a little easier. Thanks to the double-parabolic reflector shape and patented Super Spreader (heat diffuser) Hellion lighting systems are able to be safely positioned much closer to the canopy, giving much deeper penetration and driving production throughout the plant. CMH lights were introduced in the 1980s, but with recent discoveries in horticulture research, it makes sense why many growers are utilizing this technology. Delivering a leading photon efficiency of 1.9 µmol/J (3K) and 1.8 µmol/J (4K), the real key to their success being the finely tuned spectrum of light they emit. We're talking specifically the 315w Philips Elite Agro CMH here, the 630's just use two bulbs per fixture. Can you estimate whether I my electric bill will go down and how much? Regular Price: If you’re growing a plant or two and you’re tired of always switching from MH to HPS bulbs when it’s time to flower, the Yield Lab 315w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Light Bulb is the light you’ve been looking for. **IM BACK NEW VIDEO** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbhintWCrSk&t=100s Is the hype real?? Assembly Instructions. I'm leaving the plants between 14" and 17" from the light ---- is this correct? On-PAR CMH Results After replacing the HPS with twenty-four On-PAR 315 watt CMH lights, the room was filled with the same strains and run under identical feeding and care schedules. Hellion Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic Ballast 3100k ceramic metal halide bulbs give off lots of red wavelengths, whereas 4200k CMH bulbs give off plenty of blue wavelengths. Havnt built the room yet, but the dye is cast and i have 4 630cmh lights sitting in my living room. Please email us at [email protected]. I used to grow under a 600 Watt MH/HPS system with good success but recently changed over to the Dual 630 Watt CMH...I can,t believe the difference in how fast the plants responded after being put under these lights...amazing.Very low heat output...much less than I expected and the color they bring out is unreal....best choice I could have made.I am using this in a tent and run 1 6" inline fan to vent out and a 4" screen intake vent.Pushes the air well enough that I won,t use a circulation fan until flowering cycle. These bulbs are not MH or even like other CMH bulbs. Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 315W SE-CMH Lighting Systems. The years of research, dedication and grow trials have paid off! We'll call you and connect you to a customer service associate. OR should I keep the 4,100K all the time. However, because you've gone down so much, you'll want to make sure that the amount of light you have with your CMH's is enough to cover your canopy (we cover how to do this in an article you can find here). (Ballasts are also custom designed and built to match arc tubes—three years in development), Reflector (Wings): Other small “deep-dish” greenhouse-style reflectors require 90cm or more which exponentially decreases both incident and angular intensity. The CMH lamp is constructed of a ceramic arc tube that can reach a higher … That is a great question, it all depends on what wattage you were looking for. With the CMH we averaged 1.15-1.23g/watt. 10000K QMH LAMP. Great question, Robert! For more info on how high you should be hanging grow lights above your plants just click here. All our CMH bulbs are recommended to be used with the electronic ballast. Pay over 6 months with 0% interest and easily pay your balance at PayPal.com. 29 Aug. By; In Uncategorized; Comments None; Havnt built the room yet, but the dye is cast and i have 4 630cmh lights sitting in my living room. The result is unmatched output and efficiency in its class. It excels in the vegetative stage where it produces fast growth, though it also does a great job in flowering by producing strong, sparkly bud. $234.99, To: Hi so I have a 4x4x6 grow tent on the way and I am going to be using cmh grow lights but I want to know if the good folk at grow weed easy thinks it’s better have two 315w cmh grow lights or one 630w grow light? Hello, If you had used one of these I doubt you'd be saying to use them for veg only. (You'll need an open phone line). Do you know how many amps they will draw per 315 watt bulb? Related: Growing Marijuana Indoors Guide 2018, This entry was posted in Reviews and Tests, Grow Systems on March 27, 2018 by Devin Martinez. The varying reports probably have to do with other elements in the garden and the gardener’s skill level, and the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I am 2 weeks into flowering and nothing with the 4,200. CMH … I have been using T12 fluorescent fixtures To grow vegetable transplants for several years (a total of 6 fixtures and 16 thirty watt fluorescent bulbs)and just replaced them with 3x 315 watt ceramic metal halide bulb systems. You might consider something like this only twice the width. However, a CMH light is more intense, provides a higher quality spectrum, and half the cost and heat! With all that being said, with CMH lights your tent will be cooler meaning you have to run your AC less, again lower your electricity bill. Even at only 315 watts,  CMH's are stated to produce. 315w cmh I thought was 78.5% of the power of the 600w in terms of photons.. 315w cmh uses only 52.5% of the power-draw from the wall as the 600w does. That said, depending on how many CMH lights you have you're likely to either be slightly under where you are now or right about where you are now, which may not feel significant on the surface. With the 3x 600w HPS we averaged about 1.1g/watt. $893.93. The Yield Lab 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light Bulb provides the balanced white light and full spectrum required to take smaller plants from seed to flower to harvest with a single bulb. This fixture is designed for the Philips 315W CMH ( 930 Agro or 942 ) or the ILUMINAR CMH line of lamps. First, we ran the CMH light. That said, if your 4200k's aren't doing much for your plants during the vegging stage it's likely they're not getting the wavelengths of light (i.e. Adjust-A-Wings reflectors were designed for grow rooms, not greenhouses. Id like to see if my MH lights could run them...everything i read says cheaper MH ballasts cant...and everyone says "just buy the complete light" but I am not ready to trash 10 MH/HPS combos and I am wondering if my remote electronic 1000w ballasts would light a ceramic metal halide...nobody seems to answer the question directly We hope this information was helpful for you. Log in to Reply. In terms of the height of your CMG grow light, we'd say try to keep it around 17-20" away from the canopy of your plants. My PC draws 550w all day. The same great spectrum, in a smaller package, ideal for smaller grow spaces and for mixing between HPS lamps to enhance spectral diversity. When a larger yield is the desired outcome, the ILUMINAR CMH gives you the competitive edge. The above 315W CMH grow light provides full spectrum light that allows your MARIJUANA to get optimal lighting during their vegetative and flowering stages. Hi all. Watch the video. Reflector, lamp and e-ballast are all custom designed and built to highest quality standards. They spread the light and radiant emissions uniformly while the Super Spreaders mitigate the risk of hot spots directly beneath the lamp, allowing a much closer hanging distance.

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