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I've got friends whose daughters have left to go to Bournemouth, Durham, Manchester, Cambridge universities having been encouraged to pursue interests from animation to vet science. Once parents look at how much is on offer, the financial sums add up. Senior School: +44 (0)1483 893363. They have too many staff members who struggle with the quality of their teaching and their behaviour in class. Some extras are supplied by self-employed teachers who issue independent invoices. I know the post is now a couple of months old, but I really hope Frequentdriver has made a point of going straight to Mrs Phillips who would take these issues incredibly seriously and would do all in her power to ensure there was as positive an outcome as possible. Things are not so bad (for us at least) that I have had to move my children out-although we have come close, but they will be leaving before 6th form to places that value individualism as well as kindness. I am so sorry that Frequentdriver has felt compelled to post on here because she believes that St Catherine’s Bullying Policy is ineffective. IMG_1045. (New thread)I have had girls at St Catherine's for almost 10 years, through Prep, Senior and 6th form. Bit of a quandary now but her Mum is keen I should visit so will keep an open mind. Personally, I've never liked the St Cat's vibe... Oh, and the 'no blame' policy is insane. St Catherine's School opened in 1885 with seventeen pupils, most of whom were boarders. . @owhysoseriousGHS (first choice; amazing school! Dates beyond the current term are provisional and given for guidance only. Nice glossy brochure to draw you in however when you arrive something just doesn’t feel right. The few supportive members of staff and parents will probably keep nodding and I am sure if her longevity is ever discussed with the girls she will receive one of those fake hurrahs but will then note shoulders drop walking away from the hall! Does anyone know if there are many London boarders at St Cats? Is there anyone else out there that can provide their view ? It backs up entirely my view when I dismissed it several years ago. Please could anyone share information for the school? The new Sixth Form building looks very impressive and it being a boarding school as well as day is a hook as my Goddaughter would be a boarder and GHS and Tormead don’t offer that. It brings us great joy and excitement to announce the 10th anniversary of our nu... Faust and Science Workshop wil... 2020-11-13. As we extend this welcome to you, we desire to share with you what we discern we are called by God to do and be in this community. IMG_1042. Hi Loveorange, my DD started Y9 at St Catherine’s Bramley last September and our experience so far is that St Catherine’s is an excellent school. We are thinking to send our daughter to St Catherine to boarding and start this sept .Is there any other st Catherine parent could share their experience for the school?? ), and all speak highly of the school. as this will give you a clear current picture. Hi Loveorange, my DD started Y9 at St Catherine’s Bramley last September and our experience so far is that St Catherine’s is an excellent school. It is very academic which is great, but there are plenty of others with that offering who are not suffering the same problems and as an employer of over 30 years, this isn’t the be all and end all. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. 6-9 – 80%. Friends and colleagues have daughters at the school. It fits the right sort of girl. But I believe this may change as you go further up the school and the girls drop a few subjects. IMG_4306. A well- established House system encourages fosters friendships and offers leadership opportunities. Good Schools Guide - St Catherine's, Bramley. We are pleased with the quality of their academics and extra curricular activities that the school has to offer. image1(1) IMG_2919. I note the original post was about bullying and have to say that the senior staff are probably the most blinkered we have ever come across. And I know some girls there who are very happy from what I hear. St Catherine's, Bramley - Annual Information Booklet 2019 - 2020 So the school has lots of bullying going on these day ??? St Catherine's School, Station Road, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey GU5 0DF. K girls crop. Alice Phillips is approachable and would always prioritise an unhappy girl above all else without any shadow of a doubt. St. Catherine’s International ... 2020-11-18. I don’t even know where the school is but in this day and age, it will be near impossible to get away with something like it is being described here. Thank you to SurreyMumDD for her post though - I shall keep an open mind. Sounds very worried for us, might consider not send our Daughter there. Lacrosse is a big factor in sport. This is not what I'm reading hear. St Catherines, Bramley, provides an all-round, outstanding education for girls in an environment where there is no embarrasserine's welcomes both boarders and day pupils. St Catherine's is now enjoying the Christmas Holidays after a selection of virtual Carol Services, Nativity Play, House Film Festival and Boarders' High Table marked the final days of term. Any escalation to senior management literally takes weeks and your daughter will be quizzed over and over again to the point where they realise any complaint is not worth it and they begin to fear retribution from the teacher in question. Handhold please. LEARN MORE. They adopt a "no-blame" policy- which initially sounds great (and probably is if you child is the bully in question) but essentially means that any complaint by a child of bullying means that child is "interviewed" at length, in class hours, to everyone's knowledge, causing more drama and pressure on an already victimised child. Open. And the teacher seems doesn't care and not deal with it properly??? We are pleased with the quality of their academics and extra curricular activities that the school has to offer. Art and drama are not a focus, sport and music seem to take priority to creative arts generally. The bully gets to respond (but lying is obviously very common) , but I know of many cases where the outcome is "what can we do to address the sensitivity of the child who has lodged the complaint". The head is a genuine and is proactive in ensuring children are treated as individuals. Sadly this culture has got worse over the last 5 years I would say, not helped by a head that refuses to hear this message from concerned parents. Face-to face classes in all Hong Kong kindergartens have been suspended by the g... Further School Closure. Support for diverse learners. I don’t come on Mumsnet very often, and was shocked when I did this morning, to see a couple of very negative reviews about St Catherine’s. My advice is to be sure it is the right fit for your DD. I have a ds so the school isn't relevant to me. So if you're bottom id imagine that's pretty shit. The cuture there is very different. She cares deeply about every single girl and staff member, and would not rest until a matter such as this was resolved. Staff are already stretched without taking on additional roles and it is understandable how the current situation could occur. Prior's Field is very relaxed and more of a modern twist. I strongly believe focus has been lost due construction plans to the detriment of the school and more importantly the girls. She did really well, was very happy and I really cannot ever remember any bullying. Another friend scrimps and saves to send her daughter there, and seeing her thrive, doesn't begrudge a penny. I’ve had two daughters at the school and believe St Catherine’s strives to get it right. Everyone else will struggle They place a lot of emphasis on competition. There are better girls schools in the far! This is a very fine school with superb teachers and an inspirational Head. We are especially happy with the pastoral care. You have to do 4 languages in Year 7.....which for those less keen on languages.... can turn them off and gets quite confusing with all the vocabulary testing. Value without compromises. We are proud of the fact that we … Joined: Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:02 pm Posts: 4 hi - I have just completed the rounds of filling in application forms and open evenings for several schools, we have short listed 2, Surbiton High School - … This intimidating approach to processes is particularly true of their bullying policy. Welcome to St Catherine’s Anglican Church Bramley We greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we warmly welcome you. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. 7-9 – 56%. My views are of the senior school, I have to say that the Prep school was outstanding and personally have not had any issues, however I believe the number of girls leaving in the early years has increased which has raised eyebrows. The School is especially proud of the very strong results in Physics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Art, Psychology, Food and Nutrition, and Geography. IMG_1092. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. It runs a strong house system with tons of forced activities. We really like the school and local friends would be a bonus if weekly boarding? As with any development of this size, budgets are stretched and workloads are increased. I would make the following analogy for anyone considering the school. We're very happy with the school. I know of two girls who have moved from St Cats to my daughter's year group at Tormead in recent years citing bullying as the reason. Head Alice Phillips is admired by pupils and parents, described as a ‘positive leader’ with a … My sister is in education and was able to advise us on this and said that their policy stood for nothing.We are desperately sad to be leaving this should have been an incredible experience. St Cats is more traditional country boarding school. By never acknowledging any blame lies with the bully, the victims stop complaining (or more likely eventually leave the school) and the school gets to claim they have very few instances of bullying. Socialmedia. St. Catherine's School Interactive Calendar Information for the current term is confirmed on the last day of each term for the next term. E+O_crop. )TormeadSt Swithuns....but these things are very personal and everyone needs to make the right call for their daughter and family. Why not go and discuss further with some of the senior teaching staff as I am sure that they could help and they would want to hear of your issues? St. Catherine School 8524 8th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115 206.525.0581. Up to 1 hour £6.00; Up to 1.5 hours £9.00; Up to 2.5 hours £12.00. And did you have the same concerns years ago ? A comprehensive package of Careers advice and guidance is available to the girls both within the curriculum and also outside normal lessons. I am looking myself for a school in the Guildford area for my goddaughter who is overseas and I have only heard good things about it and in particular about the pastoral care being excellent. Sadly removed our daughter from st cats recently too. @PennyBriteBased upon your previous Mumsnet postings your girls left St Catherine’s 6 years ago? Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. I don’t come on Mumsnet very often, and was shocked when I did this morning, to see a couple of very negative reviews about St Catherine’s. However unless pupils can be protected from the individuals who bully and intimidate (both girls and staff) I could not recommend this school to anyone. IMG_1047. I know most people would choose SHS because it's perceived as "better" but we are leaning towards St C. Now that their sixth form is well established I think they'll go from strength to strength. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. girls-reading. @123EyesOnMe ... it really is .. surprisingly so. I hope you find this helpful and hopefully it’s not coming too late. I am so sorry that Frequentdriver has felt compelled to post on here because she believes that St Catherine’s Bullying Policy is ineffective. No knowledge of this, but if that genuinely is school policy then that alone should raise serious questions. Can I ask what sort of girl are right fit ? St Catherine's, Bramley - Annual Information Booklet 2019 - 2020 But if your daughter doesn’t fit the school it is quite a hard place to be. She is a fabulous Headmistress who is, at all times, only trying to get the best out of the girls at school and she does it very well! Agree, prep is wonderful.... sad that senior school doesn’t live up to expectations. My DD is a full boarder even though she’s permitted to go home at the weekends if we ask permission for that. Summer 2020 Results: Public examinations were cancelled in Summer 2020 due to Covid-19 and candidates were awarded a Centre Assessment Grade or the exam board grade calculated from an algorithm, whichever was the higher. Thanks in advance. History. It is quite refreshing to see some honesty on here. On behalf of my daughter, I’ve seen a lot of bullying in st Catherine’s as many other mothers have said - and, I can’t believe it’s got to the point that I have to say this, the majority of bullying in my daughters experience has been from the teachers. Charts. As the previous post suggested, the Headmistress, Mrs Phillips would be very sad that this has not been discussed with her. Somehow all the negative comments were made by posters who only have had 1 post. Preparatory School: +44 (0)1483 899665 To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Independent Boarding and Day School for Girls age 4 -18. We are just in the process of withdrawing our daughter as the environment is toxic. Major Amendments will be notified by Clarion Call. They are constantly competing with each other. Rather put off by the Head of Tormead departing this year and the Head of GHS on sabbatical too. Inquiry-based learning. To be honest your daughter needs to excel at something to thrive, otherwise sadly the competitive environment means her confidence gets knocked. Trust me: bullying is very common. St Catherine’s prides itself on being a cohesive and unique School community. It does sound like they deal with bullying very poorly. However this is not the case across the road at the Senior school. Can't image if she gets bully and teacher take no blame action over there . There are ample and varied activities at the weekends to positively engage the boarders. I am saddened that all this negative sentiment is posted. 4-9 – 99%. I am sure eventually, and we are talking years of re-building, the school will bounce back, however I cannot see how this will happen until they have a serious shake up from the top down. Have been reaching out to people I know to get a view and started reading the policy last night. I feel much better now having read that as a current parent! None of us like to have our DDs involved in anything like this but with teenagers it is surely inevitable in any school? Alice (Phillips) has reached the end of her tenure, however I imagine she will hang around until the construction projects have been finished. I do agree with the original post that it has changed recently, as I heard so many wonderful things prior to my DD joining the senior school. I wouldn’t recommend this school to anyone. I shall visit St Catherine’s and see what I think of the Head’s presentation. Make you wonder how and why. I have seen parents heads sag when it was announced there would be a further delay to the Cataylst centre as the art centre had been given priority, quite bewildering until you discover that the school has a shortfall in its pension fund, now all common knowledge. We are especially happy with the pastoral care. Yes, some of the girls who attend the school come from wealthy Surrey families (aga, swimming pool, pony and holidays in St Lucia), but lots don't and, most importantly, the ethos of the school itself is very down-to-earth. @123EyesOnMe thanks. At St Catherine's the headmistress is a formidable manager, very assertive with the view to the parents that she"would tolerate anything but unkindness". Posted: 22nd August 2019. There is no drug abuse ( that my daughter is aware of ) and definitely no bullying at the school. St Cats is more academic (not far off GHS level) so very similar academic environment and pressure. I am minded to think that if she has been there so long she must have good experience of the issues and how to deal with this modern world we now live in. In line with the UK Government announcements of Thursday 17th December, we confirm that girls in the Prep. Susiesophie thank you for your post! She didn’t suffer from bullying but it was present but am sure a lot of schools do suffer, it was unsettling however as I am not sure it was dealt with in the best way. Small class sizes. There are very grand plans afoot with developing the site, I have no doubt that the facilities will be amazing in 6 or 7 years when complete. Serious issues can and do happen in schools (however brilliant they are), but having clear and robust policies in place to deal with situations when they happen is critical. A “no blame” policy gives the girls the false sense that there would not be any consequences to your action in the future which we all know is just ludicrous. This thread is damning. In the Fifth Form girls attend Careers lessons and complete the Morr… Do you have questions about creating positive bathroom habits and routines? One only regrets she didn't send her daughter there earlier as the other Guildford school she chose for her daughter at 11, didn't offer the buzz and the intellectual stimulation needed, (she didn't work that hard along with most of her friends). There are some brilliant musicians (classical music is focus). tigers. St Catherine’s offers a range of tours to cater for the many interests of our students and the diversity of our curriculum. U4 girls are supported in making their GCSE option choices through a combination of talks and personal discussions with heads of academic departments and tutors. DH has gone off in an ambulance, AIBU to be angry to be Trespassed by a dog. I can only speak as I find. They will always push concerns under the carpet rather than address them directly and god forbid you raise any issues, a few of the senior staff require a series of people management classes. It does have some excellent teachers but sadly they are in the minority. Not necessarily academic to be honest....have found equally bright girls in other schools and my DD has had to catch up in some subjects. In the Best Schools league tables ( ) St Catherine’s, Bramley is comfortably in the UK’s Top five Girls’ Boarding Schools based on the percentage of A* and A grades gained at A-level, and yet, has the lowest fees by some margin. I have never heard something so ridiculous in all the schools I've been involved with (and that's quite a few!). Leagues. You are currently looking at a school which has completely lost sight of its purpose and potential. St Catherine’s, Bramley. Hope that helps. A level results excellent across the board – no weak areas... Lots of options, lots of opportunities – real education takes place here. To say this even though I will get flamed for it? This is page 1 of 3 (This thread has 52 messages.). DH has gone off in an ambulance, AIBU to be angry to be Trespassed by a dog. Hi everyone, we are overseas parent and going to apply St Catherine's school for DD at her Y9. CAT CLUB - Prep School After School Care. This very negative writing about St Catherine's school really is sad to see as I have 2 girls, one who has been there. My younger one is there now and thriving. Everyone's position in the class is known to the girls. It is hugely unfortunate as some teachers are truly dedicated and the girls love them and the facilities are undoubtedly outstanding. The Head at St Cat’s is also a very nice and warm lady. The timetable is frantic .... if your DD is not organised they might struggle.... think some of the teachers even struggle.... as there isn’t time to recap, review before the girls move on. The school was founded during a time when various movements within the Church of England and other Christian denominations were pushing for more freedom for women, especially in matters such as participating in services and in education. St Peter is the Patron Saint of Hascombe, of which parish Musgrave was rector for forty-four years, and St Paul, represents the fact that St Catherine’s School was a Missionary Guild at the time, and Musgrave had a great interest in the foreign Missions. The Prep school is strong, well run and the culture is open and honest. Hi Schoolcircles: We have a daughter in Y7 at St Catherine's so please feel free to PM me if you'd like to know anything. St Catherine's Alumnae Newsletter Summer 2019. w w w. stcatheri n es .info. E 10-23-18 Assembly-17. Best wishes. Are you posting these things with personal experience all of you? To say this even though I will get flamed for it? Impressive new build. Can I ask which school(s) you chose / shortlisted instead? There are some amazing staff there, but through a bullying experience we learnt that everything is swept under the carpet and the “no blame” focus takes precedent. The Headmistress, staff and students at St Catherine’s School are delighted with their excellent GCSE results this year: 8-9 – 33%. I notice a number of old threads on choosing girls schoolas around Guildford so I thought this post might help anyone deciding on girls' schools in the area at the moment. Good luck. The formal careers programme begins in U4 with a weekly lecture which informs and inspires girls as they consider their career potential. I have friends whose daughters are sporty, musical, arty, quiet, not quiet (! Alice Phillips would be absolutely mortified to read this. I completely understand your historical position (albeit quite a few disagreed with your opinion) however there have been fundamental changes at the school and it would be remiss for me not to point out that your perspective is clearly out of date. Year-round specialists. Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:50 pm . We have a DD currently at St Catherine’s and have to say that the senior school has deteriorated over the last few years. Title: St Catherine's Sixth Form Prospectus 2019, Author: St Catherine's, Bramley, Name: St Catherine's Sixth Form Prospectus 2019, Length: 44 pages, Page: 25, Published: 2018-10-02 Issuu company logo St Catherine’s, Bramley, offers an unparalleled educational and boarding experience, set in extensive grounds in the heart of the Surrey Hills, yet within an hour of London and Heathrow and Gatwick International airports. Handhold please. St Catherine's has 408 in the school so she'll be a much bigger fish. I know parents from almost every year with these issues, and many that have just moved their girls out- its ultimately all you can do when you hit trouble. Post subject: st catherines twickenham v Surbiton Girls. Miss Susan Burnett was the founding headmistress. If I were considering sending a child here, I'd review these policy documents carefully (they must be available on their website) that you know their position.Best of all, ask a greater cross-section of current parents and girls for their view (NO offence to posters here!) She really does stress kindness to everyone...always but perhaps in this case this hasn’t been effectively conveyed which is very unfortunate for all concerned, not least Frequentdriver’s precious daughter (and I mean precious in the original definition of the word). I have heard it gets better as the girls get older, but in lower school when girls hormones and emotions are high, it is not a happy place. Alice Phillips would be absolutely mortified to read this. In 2019/20, St Catherine’s fielded six senior teams in the Lacrosse National Championships, the highest number ever entered by one school and testament to the ‘give-it-a-go’ ethos. Find out what Mumsnet users thought of Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy. St Catherine’s provides a secure and happy learning environment where students are fostered in an atmosphere of trust and love. Tbh, she settled fast and so well compared to her prep school where she struggled to settle and didn’t receive the expected support to help her settle in (Y7). Goodness what damning things you say about this school. Do you have questions about creating positive bathroom habits and routines? Thxx. Very academic girls will do well. Goodness - I am considering the school and I have to say that I am a more than a little concerned about the comments posted. I think that all schools have issues such as bullying at any time and there are always going to be children who are unhappy. Overseas Study Tours are offered annually to enrich the study of areas such as History, Art, Music, Languages, Geography and STEM from Years 8 to 12. Search Go. Any request to bring in other pupils as witnesses is denied. So far I have been impressed with all I have seen. st Catherine’s - where to start. nextdoor-feb22-2019. All lessons are normally 30 minutes. You then start getting bombarded with requests for money like a hotel offering timeshares and not taking no for an answer. When over competitive girls find themselves in an environment where the teachers get away with lying and covering their tracks, and the girls can intimidate and bully with no real threat of consequences, bullying is bound to be a problem. It was once described to me as " a bit draconian" which I now realise is the least of its problems. This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 2 messages.). St Catherine’s, Bramley]Independent Boarding and Day School for Girls age 4 -18. The Headmistress talks about the importance of kindness, but doesn’t understand that herself it seems. Full disclosure. Please don't write me off as having no current knowledge or understanding of St Cats. Over the years my children have been shouted at, called names (yes really) and when parents take the trouble to complain about a teacher ( and there are many, many instances of complaints) the policy is for the teacher to deny all. She moved to the Sixth Form at St Cats where within weeks, teachers picked up a specific learning difficulty and a serious health issue which her previous independent school hadn't in 5 years, and dealt with it brilliantly. But I have friends whose daughters do go there and friends who have pulled their daughters out. Current St Catherine’s families, along with our alumni, future students, and current and past parents and staff, are all active, generous, enthusiastic and supportive members of the St Catherine’s School community. Find out what Mumsnet users thought of Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy.

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